3 Places on Instagram where you get more Followers

The thirst for more Instagram followers is unquenchable to many people. Everyone wants to feel popular day by day and after all that’s how you attract thousands to like your posts. But then, what are the best sure places to vouch for more followers on the social network? The first place is on celebrity and public figures’ accounts. This works in a simple way. All you do is follow as many famous people as possible and hope that you get some of the millions that follow them follow you too. Again, this works better when celebrities you follow post pictures using trendy hash tags.

Another way to vouch for more Instagram followers is through contests. You can initiate an Instagram contest yourself and ask people through hash tags and invites to take part in it. Sometimes when you are lucky you attract people with thousands of followers, and through their feeds, more people get to know you and probably follow you back. Finally, you attract more followers by following ‘instagram experts’ pages or popular pages that teach people how to gain more followers.