SnapChat Views: More Than a Number

When it comes to being on social media, so many page owners look for numbers, and large numbers at that. They want lots of shares. Lots of hashtags. Lots of people talking about the page. While this publicity is great, it is not just about numbers. On social media, it is about targeted numbers and goals as much as it is about the overall amount of shares that are happening. This becomes especially true when talking about businesses.

Take SnapChat for example. Those individuals who have a SnapChat account want lots of SnapChat views. They want to know that their pages are getting noticed and getting talked about. After all, this is what having a page is all about, right? Wrong. Yes, SnapChat views are important and a business page should make sure that they are achieving these end goals. But, large numbers can be deceiving in that they are large numbers that may not transfer to actual purchases. For instance, if you share a SnapChatmeant to create a buzz in the teenage market but the product is actually for seniors, then the number of views is irrelevant. Rather, the beauty of this page is to make sure that you get views that are targeted to your audience and your end goal. This can take time and energy and effort to target these results.