Do you know How many Snapchat Followers you have?

News 01:10 October 2020:

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If a friend or just someone at your workplace asked how many followers do you have on Snapchat will you have the answer for that question? Definitely not because Snapchat does normally show the number of followers you have and instead indicates it in terms of scores. Nonetheless, you cannot entirely rely on the type of score you have to determine the number of followers you have. This is simply because the score is in most case is determined by the amount or number of messages you both send and receive.  Now the question is, how do you get to know the number of people following you?

To determine this, first we have to know how often people login to snapchat on a daily basis and according to the street journal, two thirds of those who use snapchat log in on a daily basis. In order to therefore get a rough estimate of your followers, you can take the number of views on your posts and multiply that with two thirds. Although it might not be a very accurate method of knowing how many snapchat followers you have, it will definitely give you an idea.